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AVY SCOTT: The Best Kind of Therapy

Avy Scott picShe was a gonzo favorite – she even survived Thomas Zupko's insane shoots! – then she began to fade from view. Turns out, had a real civilian life! As she puts it, the statuesque blonde with the splendid double handfuls of perfect pillowy boobage, needed to enjoy her 20s like any regular gal. She went to school. She became a hypno-therapist. But she always missed porn. And now she's back. And to her surprise, everybody wants her. That's not surprising to the staff of Porn Star Podcasts! We chat with Avy as she lounges semi-naked poolside under the California sun. Listen in, and become ... hypnotized! Soon, all porn fans will experience psychological and emotional benefits from Avy's therapeutic touch.

Listen to the interview

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