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DORON PEPPERSCONE: They Call Him "Minion"

The Minion's photoHere is PornStar Podcast history in the making! For the first time ever, the man known to millions of chronic masturbaters as "The Minion" speaks on the record about his bizarre and twisted life and times in Porn Valley. The 300+ pound , now employed under the banner of "blacks and blondes" Interweb smut empire, reflects on his experiences behind and in front of the camera, his struggles, his obsessions, his most degrading moments and all the girls he banged in such unlikely circumstances. Learn of the whereabouts of the Lost Scenes! Hear true tales of fear and loathing! Discover why had to die for the Pepprscone to be born! All this ... and so much more!

Listen to the interview mp3, 8.9 MB, 23 min.

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