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August 21, 2008

JASMINE TAME: Wild at Heart!

Jasmine Tame photoSouth Florida firecracker Jasmine Tame talks to us about her career as a porn star – and her current time away from the business. Always eager for sexual provocation, the performer is a natural-born exhibitionist who loves to explore the frontiers of human behavior with a camera rolling. Just ask , who staged one of Jasmine's infamous blowbang scenes. Between her frequent travels to dance and meet fans, she's planning a return to Porn Valley, so stay tuned!

Listen to the interview mp3, 15 MB, 29 min.

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MEMPHIS MONROE: Memphis in the Meantime

Memphis Monroe photoFormer Hustler contract star chats with us one afternoon on the road from her native Kentucky, where she bought a house and settled in after a meteoric career in the porn industry. No longer exclusive, she's putting a lot of energy into her dance performances, web stuff and enjoying her new boobs. She tells us what it's like being a small-town porn star and why she'd love to have a stalker. (Yup, the line for that gig begins in Kansas).

Listen to the interview mp3, 7.7 MB, 15 min.

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August 12, 2008

BILLY WATSON: The Professor of Desire

billy-watson's photoOnce upon a time, was on the tenure track at a college in the Southwestern US, teaching English Lit. and dedicating his life to the artistic betterment of America's youth. But academe was too confining for a man of Mr. Watson's expansive imagination and, through a sequence of circumstances he found himself working as a pornographer. Soon enough, he was seduced into a seething netherworld of barely legal naked babes, black men with horse cocks, simulated prison sex and websites with names like "No Way Am I Gay!" The dude abides. A popular and erudite blogger (IShootPorn.com) and prolfiic lensman, Watson talks about his experiences shooting web content, getting set up in his new LA studios, his wacky early days advertising for models in the back of alternative weeklies, his favorite rock band (Wilco!), and the always weird world of gonzo.

Listen to the interview mp3, 9.33 MB, 34 min.

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DORON PEPPERSCONE: They Call Him "Minion"

The Minion's photoHere is PornStar Podcast history in the making! For the first time ever, the man known to millions of chronic masturbaters as "The Minion" speaks on the record about his bizarre and twisted life and times in Porn Valley. The 300+ pound , now employed under the banner of "blacks and blondes" Interweb smut empire, reflects on his experiences behind and in front of the camera, his struggles, his obsessions, his most degrading moments and all the girls he banged in such unlikely circumstances. Learn of the whereabouts of the Lost Scenes! Hear true tales of fear and loathing! Discover why had to die for the Pepprscone to be born! All this ... and so much more!

Listen to the interview mp3, 8.9 MB, 23 min.

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August 5, 2008

MORGAN DAYNE: Rendering Unto Cezar

Morgan Dayne photo contract girl chats with us from her home state of Florida, where she shoots as a contract star for gonzo producer Cezar Capone. A feisty 18-year-old of German and Puerto Rican heritage, fears not a fat sizzling bratwurst, whether literally or metaphorically speaking. She tells us how she found her way into the adult business after hitting up a casting call for a Playboy TV reality series, what it was like coming of age in South-Central Florida, and what she digs about working as an icon for a production company right off the bat. And we talk about her latest release, .

Listen to the interview mp3, 5.8 MB, 21 min.

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