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July 31, 2007

KIMBERLY KANE: Naked and Famou$

Kimberly Kane photoShe's so friggin' alt she doesn't even have a tattoo. Spirited and unconventional porn performer has been the star of some of the most artistically out-there skin flicks of the past few years, working with director Jack the Zipper and making the most of her roots as a wild teenager growing up in Portland, Oregon (the friendly bohemian port of call). A straight talker, Kane freely discusses her ride through Porno Land, the myriad varieties of strip clubs in Portland, what "alternative" really means, and how hot it was to lez out with Roxy DeVille on the set of an upcoming edition of smoking girls-only line . She also cracks up about the time a lustful cop broke into her agent's apartment to impress her, and what she gave him in return. (It's not as pretty as you're thinking ... ).

Also check out KaneAmry.com and Kimberly's blog.
Listen to the interview (mp3, 32 minutes, 9MB)

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Jersey Cummings photoPorn starlet recently sucked off 20 guys for Brandon Iron's camera but her most shocking moment in the business came the day she met her high school teacher - on a porn set! You'll who it was!
Listen to the interview (mp3, 7.5 minutes, 2MB)

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July 24, 2007

SINNAMON LOVE: Sinnamon Girl

Sinnamon Love photoOne of the most personable porn stars we've met here at Porn Star Podcasts, has been making dirty movies for 13 years - yet, she only recently returned to the gonzo fray, having spent six years as a condom-only performer, a period that also saw her cultivate a new image as a serious BDSM diva. She's also a qualified massage therapist who has toured with a major pop star. She's no "gold digger" though, just a Detroit homegirl through and through. Sinnamon met us at a Starbucks in downtown Los Angeles, where she told us how she "gets her white boy on" and reveals one of the many ways she keeps her civilian boyfriend very, very happy.
Listen to the interview (mp3, 32 minutes, 8.6MB)

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July 17, 2007

STORMY DANIELS: Storm Warning!

Stormy Daniels photoIt's good to be the queen. contract and mega-star shared a few minutes with us at the recent Erotica LA, where she talked about her booming career as a director, the upcoming epic , her friendship with Judd Apatow and the Knocked Up gang, and her rise to prominence as a clear-sighted gal in a business often known for its dysfunctional head cases.
Listen to the interview (mp3, 19 minutes, 4.9MB)

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Jayme Langford photoThe red-headed starlet is a woman of few words, as we discovered in this brief convo during Erotica LA. She's from Maine. She does girls only. And she came west to California for ... the porn, of course!
Listen to the interview (mp3, 4 minutes, 1MB)

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July 10, 2007

PAULINA JAMES: Contract Girl!

Paulina James photoSexZ Pictures newest signing, has created a stir during her brief career as a gonzo starlet. The gorgeous performer chats with us at the booth at Erotica LA, where she talks about her plans for a fruitful porn career and her pending venture into - yes, you heard it here first - anal.
Listen to the interview (mp3, 3.25 minutes, 1MB)

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Gwen Diamond photoWe pass a brief moment with porn starlet , who we found lingering in the plaza outside the Los Angeles Convention Center following Erotica LA. While she waits for her ride to show up, she updates us on her recent career.
Listen to the interview (mp3, 3.25 minutes, 1MB)

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