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June 28, 2007

ELI CROSS: Down for the "Upload"

Eli Cross photo director – aka – chats with us on the set of his upcoming feature Upload out in the rugged, windy expanse of the Vasquez Rocks north of Los Angeles, where many Westerns and one notable Star Trek episode ("Arena") were filmed. Today, stars , and will be banging each other – among other lascivious acts you can't see on TV – as crows circle the merciless California sky. Cross, real-life partner of porn legend , talks about the cyberpunk theme of the production (which stars and as near-futuristic rivals), and how he manages to include supposedly verboten acts in his movies.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 25 minutes, 7MB)

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June 26, 2007

Erotica LA Quickies: Lela Star

Lela Star photoNew Club Jenna contact performer talks about "bringing gonzo sex into the feature world" and how she's getting ready to enjoy some anal sex!

Listen to the interview (mp3, 4.25 minutes, 1.1MB)

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BOB COULTER: "Crazy Babe" Magnet

Bob Coulter photoOnce a major player in the music industry, the New York-based Coulter has become a much-admired erotic photographer -- he was "alt before alt was cool" -- with his collections featuring so-called "crazy babes." Check out his website, www.crazybabe.com, and hear him talk about his scintillating mid-life career change. Coulter chats with us on the set of the Adam and Eve production, Stagger Lee, which also marks his debut as a porno video guy.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 14 minutes, 4MB)

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June 25, 2007

BENNY PROFANE: The Gaping of Lot 49

Benny Profange photoAlt-porn provocateur tells us about his dual obsessions with shooting smut and the fiction of Thomas Pynchon (whose novel "V." inspired the actor-director's name). Profane chats on the set of forthcoming feature Stagger Lee.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 15 minutes, 4.1MB)

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June 19, 2007

PATRICK COLLINS: A Pervert Among Perverts

Patrick Collins photoAdult legend , the cigar-smoking big daddy behind , talks about his long and storied career as a pornographer, his women, his lusts, his twisted fantasies, and how he's brought it all to your TV screen at home. Joining us in Collins's Chatsworth offices - you've seen them in a million Elegant scenes - is his trusted cinematographer and right-hand man, Michael Cates, and ADT's own JAGnLA, with guest cameos from and !

Listen to the interview (mp3, 37 minutes, 10MB)

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June 10, 2007

RON ROYSTER: Transgressive Tarheel!

Ron Royster photoNorth Carolina porn producer talks about his unusual career on the "alt" scene as we visit the set of feature Stagger Lee.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 21 minutes, 5.8MB)

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June 7, 2007

PAGE MORGAN: Jersey Girl

Page Morgan photoThe always-fun shares a brief moment with us on the set of Adam and Eve's Stagger Lee. Before she gets dragged away to the make-up chair, she tells us about her wild Jersey adolescence -- bad men and biker bars! -- and shows why she's one of the most unique and notorious performers going.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 6 minutes, 1.6MB)

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June 5, 2007

ALYSSA JORDAN: Geek Gone Wild!

Alyssa Jordan photoWelcome to Porn Star Podcast #100!

Former computer programmer joined us for beer and pizza after only her third scene in the porn game. She had just wrapped a blowbang party with and a lot of men, and met up with a merry crew that includes , , , the unstoppable Miss Schwarz, and your humble interlocutor. As events spiraled rapidly out of hand, we hoped to finish the interview before we got ejected from the family establishment. Enjoy this "post-game" scenario!
Listen to the interview (mp3, 18 minutes, 5MB)

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June 1, 2007

MARK SPIEGLER: Patron of the Tarts

Mark Spiegler photoIt's almost inconceivable, but we finally got super-agent to turn off his cel phone for a half-hour and chat with us about his long and storied career in the adult movie business. And so he did, lounging shirtless in sweat pants on the wraparound couch in his living room. A man with a natural gift for spiel, he tells us why they call him "The Shylock," dispenses a few bad jokes, and reveals what goes on behind the scenes at the notorious SpieglerDorm, through whose portals have passed some of the world's sexiest women. One of then, Annette Schwarz, provides off-mic commentary.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 40 minutes, 11MB)

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