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DANA DeARMOND: The Internet's Girlfriend

Dana DeArmondCatapulted into the world of adult entertainment after she lost her gig at Disneyworld, (her real name) traded in her Goofy garb for her birthday suit and became a stripper. A scant few years later, the blog-o-rific performer is the queen of her own Internet empire, with nearly a quarter-million friends on MySpace and a budding career as "the Parker Posey of Alt-Porn." At once shy and charismatic, Miss DeArmond - not unlike Bettie Page before her - brings a rare sense of innocence and good vibes to such matters as bondage, butt-sex and - eek-a-mouse! - even both at once! Hear her rowrrrr!

Listen to interview (wma)
Listen to interview (mp3)

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