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June 30, 2008


Nika Noire photoYou wish you'd hired her as your executive assistant. Only, it would not be long before your ass was canned and slapped with a sexual harrassment lawsuit. Life in ruin, marriage in tatters, sleeping in a cheap motor lodge, you can't even get her to take your calls now. But it was worth it, wasn't it? Or is this just OUR sick and twisted fantasy? is far too real and down-to-earth for such silliness! We met the wittty and lubricious in Las Vegas, during the 2008 Adult Entertainment Expo, and she charmed us with her girl-next-door charm and cheerful sexual candor. She talks about her intro to the world of blow bangs and XXL-sized cocks, while admitting that she appears the least likely of women to take such a plunge. Which, of course, makes it all the more delicious!

Listen to the interview mp3, 3 MB, 10.5 min.

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NIKA NOIRE: From Russia With Love

Nika Noire photoOK, so the Ukraine – motherland of sleek sex starlet Nika – is no longer technically Russia. But the lovely perfrormer could pass for a Bond Girl, no? With her fashion model legginess and bewitching accent, her insatiable thirst for hot semen and her athletic engagements with an army of porn studs she leaves gasping for breath, Nika is more than worthy. We grabbed a few moments to chat with her in Las Vegas this January during the 2008 Adult Entertainment Expo. She was rather shy, but confessed what we'd heard was true: She's obsessed with black dudes, since there were none in her native Ukraine. More's the merrier she says, and directors like and happily agree!

Listen to the interview mp3, 3.5MB, 12 min.

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June 26, 2008

Allie Foster: Nice Rack!

Allie Foster photoAllie Foster's friends always thought she'd become a porn star. They comment on her myspace profile, "I went to high school with her and she sucked my dick so good!" Well, now she's less than a year into the biz and working her way up to her first anal scene. She's from Indiana, has natural 36Ds, and was nominated as CAVR's starlet of the year. Tune in to hear Allie talk about losing her virginity and her new porn life.

Listen to the interview mp3, 3.7MB, 13.5 min.

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Erotica LA 2008: The Drunkcasts

Dana DeArmond and Bobbi Starr photoOnce in a while our fearless interviewer siezes the rare opportunity to mingle with the industry elite over a few drinks. Sometimes there's more than a few drinks involved and the digital recorder is running making for a very candid interview. Here's a couple of those times:

Bobbi Starr and Dana DeArmond at the 2008 FAME Awards. (sorry about the noisy background, p.s. Dana doesn't drink.)
Listen to the interview mp3, 8MB, 17 min.

Mike John and Tim von Swine at Erotic LA 2008.
Listen to the interview mp3, 14.2MB, 51.5 min.

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June 17, 2008

Krystal Jordan: N.I.K.A.

Krystal Jordan photoKyrstal's definitely not in Kansas anymore. Little white girls with big asses are a rarity in the business. Krystal's derriere is an asset that's kept her going in the biz well beyond the tenure of your typical starlet. Krystal tells us how she was kinda "duped" into doing porn with the promise of mainstream work. "Hey, I'm doing it for free everyday, I might as well get paid for it."

Listen to the interview mp3, 3.5MB, 12.5 min.

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Pearly Blue Harmony Films interview

Pearly Blue photoUltrasiet talks with Harmony Films new "it" girl, Pearly Blue, and Harmony Films Marketing Manager Jason Maskell. Ultrasiet says, "I'm such a big fan, that when I did the podcast, I forgot to ask very basic questions like 'do you do anal?' (which she does), 'what was your first sexual experience' and 'what turns you on?' I largely forgot to ask those because her in-person beauty and sexuality took me by surprise. She's very magnetic in person - nice, tight teen body, very lithe girl, naughty sparkle in the eye."

Listen to the interview mp3, 3.2MB, 11 min.

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