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February 26, 2008

Bobbi Starr Interview with Guest Podcaster Ultrasiet

Bobbi Starr photoGuest Podcaster interviews at the Adultex show in Melbourne, Australia with the sound of man-on-man action distracting Bobbi across the isle. They discuss Bobbi’s favorite scenes, some too hot for distribution in the U.S. Find out who puked in Bobbi’s mouth, which scene Steve Holmes pledged his love to her, why she thinks dirty A2M can be hot, and how she feels about her adorable little gape. Bobbi also talks about the first porn scene she ever watched, that famous scene where a pregnant sodomizes derriere with a Louisville Slugger. Bobbi hopes that someday Bella will give her the same treatment.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 21 minutes, 6MB)

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BREA BENNETT: Two Sides To Every Story

Brea Bennett photoShe won Jenna Jameson's American Sex Star contest in 2006 and became a Club Jenna contract girl, which is who she was signing for in 2007 when we met her at Erotica LA. But times changed for the Arizona native, who ditched Jenna and enlisted with Michael Ninn's Ninnworx_SR, for which she stars in the upcoming epic The Four – and promoted at the 2008 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. Hear what smoking hot Brea has to say about it all in before and after podcasts.
Listen to the 2008 interview (mp3, 9 minutes, 2.6MB)
Listen to the 2007 interview (mp3, 5.5 minutes, 1.5MB)

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February 22, 2008

STOYA: "S" Marks the Spot!

Stoya photoBrand new Digital Playground contract girl and ADT regular Stoya sits for a spell with us at the 2008 Adult Entertainment Expo, where she fields a volley of questions submitted by her #1 fan ChodeMasterJ. Tune in to learn why the former sensation of various "alt" and fetish sites barely even has a tattoo! Find out why she is so pale! Does she have a favorite serial killer? And why is some dude running around with a giant "S" clawed into his back? All this, and more - so much more! - is revealed!
Listen to the interview (mp3, 20 minutes, 5.8MB)

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February 18, 2008

TOMKAT: Fucking Machinist

Fuckingmachines.com photoAs the webmaster for www.fuckingmachines.com, Tomkat is in high demand among porn babes. No girl goes undrilled on Tomkat's watch, We talked to the head mechanic behind Kink.com's highly popular site about, ahem, popular mechanics, the evolution of all those orgasm-inducing contraptions and why America is in love with them.
Listen to the interview (mp3, 20 minutes, 5.5MB)

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JAMES MOGUL: Bow To the One You Serve!

trainingofo.com photoThe mild-mannered Mogul masters a new, incredibly sexy girl every single week on the website www.thetrainingofo.com, which induces a willing young woman into a solid four days of slave training. Some girls crack under his whip. Others experience a transformative experience. Either way, it makes for great drama - and gushing, hollering orgasms. We spoke with Mogul last summer at the Mission District offices of Kink.com in San Francisco, and he told us a little bit about what makes him tick ... and why porn starlets can benefit from his sessions.
Listen to the interview (mp3, 20 minutes, 5.6MB)

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