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October 31, 2007

CLAUDIA DOWNS: Down the Hatch!

Claudia Downs photoAdult film newcomer is a voraciously sexual young woman from small-town Kentucky who tells us all about her wide variety of carnal experiences that happened before she discovered the porn industry. We chatted with Claudia on the set of a forthcoming Nasty.com scene.
Listen to the interview (mp3, 16.5 minutes, 3.8MB)
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October 24, 2007

TRICIA DEVEREAUX: Fashionably "Evil"

Tricia Devereaux photoWe here at the Weekly Fix are not sure how to begin talking about , but for this week's Porn Star Podcast we decided to focus on her role as a guiding force at , the industry powerhouse founded by her husband, . So, of course, conversation turned immediately to the new , the final installment in the Fashionistas trilogy. We also touched on other high-profile EA releases, and let outline the joys and challenges of producing top-notch, hard-edged erotica in the age of digital.
Listen to the interview (mp3, 33 minutes, 7.7MB)

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October 17, 2007

VENA VIRAGO: From Art To Alt

Vena Virago photo director tells us all about her double life as an artist and pornographer during a break at this summer's Erotica LA convention. Sitting in for this laidback chat is Vena's pal, sex blogger, body artist and Mohawked wonder woman, .

Listen to the interview (mp3, 18 minutes, 5MB)

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October 10, 2007

VAN DAMAGE: Damage Control

Van Damage photoVeteran male performer cracks wise with us after a sweat-drenched 4-on-1 scene with for nasty.com. Damage doesn't hold back from sharing some opinions, and even turns the tables on your humble podcaster. Check it out and decide for yourself if he's "the funniest man in porn."

Listen to the interview (mp3, 16 minutes, 4.4MB)

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October 3, 2007

NAUTICA THORN: Horny, Not Thorny

Nautica Thorn photoAsian superstar chats with us briefly at the Erotica LA confab this summer, and fills us in on her entrepreneurial efforts as a porn producer.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 6.5 minutes, 1.8MB)

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