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JUSTINE JOLI: The Naked Nerd!

Justine Joli photoGlamor babe is just a nerd at heart. True, she has enjoyed a stellar career as an erotic performer - working with the king of classy, dickless smut, Andrew Blake, and all kinds of photographers both in and out of the skin game - and fan favorite. But, really, you have no clue how completely wacky she is until the long, lean redhead sits down, lights up a smoke and starts talking. This month's Penthouse Pet gives us the lowdown on her time on-camera, teases us with her secret knowledge about the mysterious series Lost, waxes philosophical on Amazonian psychotropics, and fields a phone call from director/partner . Live from the set of Boundaries series, for which Justine did a smoking scene with .

Listen to the interview (mp3, 38 minutes, 10.5MB)

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