June 29, 2009

AVY SCOTT: The Best Kind of Therapy

Avy Scott picShe was a gonzo favorite – she even survived Thomas Zupko's insane shoots! – then she began to fade from view. Turns out, had a real civilian life! As she puts it, the statuesque blonde with the splendid double handfuls of perfect pillowy boobage, needed to enjoy her 20s like any regular gal. She went to school. She became a hypno-therapist. But she always missed porn. And now she's back. And to her surprise, everybody wants her. That's not surprising to the staff of Porn Star Podcasts! We chat with Avy as she lounges semi-naked poolside under the California sun. Listen in, and become ... hypnotized! Soon, all porn fans will experience psychological and emotional benefits from Avy's therapeutic touch.

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Eva Angelina picFan favorite reports to us from the homefront, where she's raising a new baby girl. Turns out, Eva's ready for a return to the frontlines of erotic revelry. Seems our girl is hornier than ever, thanks to an extended layoff and all the hormonal surges that motherhood brings. Spontaneous and fun as you remember, Eva pledges to blow everyone away when she starts shooting ... so watch out, Porn Land!

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June 9, 2009

CHARLOTTE VALE: Don't Hush, Sweet Charlotte!

Charlotte Vale picApple-cheeked and splendid of ass, looks like the all-American girl next door. But what if next door turned out to be a sex dungeon? The BDSM-inclined starlet tells us cheerfully of her pursuit of an expansive sexual lifestyle, from her master/slave relationship with her boyfriend, to her smiling engagement in bondage, spanking, gang bang and other situations in which her fantasies are filmed for the enjoyment of willing wankers the world over. Whats kinky to you is good, clean, dirty fun for Charlotte, as fans can witness on sites such as and in Manuel Ferrara's excellent RAW.

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January 1, 2009

ALASKA! The State of XXX Design

Alaska photoWhy do most porn box covers suck? Has no one had an original idea since Betamax became obsolete? Well, mostly, yeah. But the gifted young designer Alaska! has made a name for himself as the graphic wizard behind nifty-as-hell DVD packages (among other clients, mostly from the mainstream world). We chat with the 20-something mastermind in a Silverlake cafe during a break from the Erotica LA confab in Los Angeles this past summer. Check Alaska out online at

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November 6, 2008

VERONICA RAYNE: The "Bare" Essentials

Veronica Rayne photoDark-tressed porn star talks to us, while working out at her gym, about her debut on Fox Reality channel's second season of My Bare Lady, which premieres Friday. The former Boston club dancer jumped into the skin game after a failed effort at opening a restaurant with her husband, and it's her fans who have been feasting their eyes ever since. With roles in Eli Cross's award-laden Upload, Stormy Daniels' upcoming Whack Job, and the just-released Pirates II, Veronica has emerged as a diverse performer in the feature realm. She's also breaking wide next year with a part in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, adapted from latter-day cad Tucker Max's outrageous book. Turns out, she and the rascally Max knew each other way, way back in the day.

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August 21, 2008

JASMINE TAME: Wild at Heart!

Jasmine Tame photoSouth Florida firecracker Jasmine Tame talks to us about her career as a porn star – and her current time away from the business. Always eager for sexual provocation, the performer is a natural-born exhibitionist who loves to explore the frontiers of human behavior with a camera rolling. Just ask , who staged one of Jasmine's infamous blowbang scenes. Between her frequent travels to dance and meet fans, she's planning a return to Porn Valley, so stay tuned!

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MEMPHIS MONROE: Memphis in the Meantime

Memphis Monroe photoFormer Hustler contract star chats with us one afternoon on the road from her native Kentucky, where she bought a house and settled in after a meteoric career in the porn industry. No longer exclusive, she's putting a lot of energy into her dance performances, web stuff and enjoying her new boobs. She tells us what it's like being a small-town porn star and why she'd love to have a stalker. (Yup, the line for that gig begins in Kansas).

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August 12, 2008

BILLY WATSON: The Professor of Desire

billy-watson's photoOnce upon a time, was on the tenure track at a college in the Southwestern US, teaching English Lit. and dedicating his life to the artistic betterment of America's youth. But academe was too confining for a man of Mr. Watson's expansive imagination and, through a sequence of circumstances he found himself working as a pornographer. Soon enough, he was seduced into a seething netherworld of barely legal naked babes, black men with horse cocks, simulated prison sex and websites with names like "No Way Am I Gay!" The dude abides. A popular and erudite blogger ( and prolfiic lensman, Watson talks about his experiences shooting web content, getting set up in his new LA studios, his wacky early days advertising for models in the back of alternative weeklies, his favorite rock band (Wilco!), and the always weird world of gonzo.

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DORON PEPPERSCONE: They Call Him "Minion"

The Minion's photoHere is PornStar Podcast history in the making! For the first time ever, the man known to millions of chronic masturbaters as "The Minion" speaks on the record about his bizarre and twisted life and times in Porn Valley. The 300+ pound , now employed under the banner of "blacks and blondes" Interweb smut empire, reflects on his experiences behind and in front of the camera, his struggles, his obsessions, his most degrading moments and all the girls he banged in such unlikely circumstances. Learn of the whereabouts of the Lost Scenes! Hear true tales of fear and loathing! Discover why had to die for the Pepprscone to be born! All this ... and so much more!

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August 5, 2008

MORGAN DAYNE: Rendering Unto Cezar

Morgan Dayne photo contract girl chats with us from her home state of Florida, where she shoots as a contract star for gonzo producer Cezar Capone. A feisty 18-year-old of German and Puerto Rican heritage, fears not a fat sizzling bratwurst, whether literally or metaphorically speaking. She tells us how she found her way into the adult business after hitting up a casting call for a Playboy TV reality series, what it was like coming of age in South-Central Florida, and what she digs about working as an icon for a production company right off the bat. And we talk about her latest release, .

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June 17, 2008

Krystal Jordan: N.I.K.A.

Krystal Jordan photoKyrstal's definitely not in Kansas anymore. Little white girls with big asses are a rarity in the business. Krystal's derriere is an asset that's kept her going in the biz well beyond the tenure of your typical starlet. Krystal tells us how she was kinda "duped" into doing porn with the promise of mainstream work. "Hey, I'm doing it for free everyday, I might as well get paid for it."

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February 18, 2008

TOMKAT: Fucking Machinist photoAs the webmaster for, Tomkat is in high demand among porn babes. No girl goes undrilled on Tomkat's watch, We talked to the head mechanic behind's highly popular site about, ahem, popular mechanics, the evolution of all those orgasm-inducing contraptions and why America is in love with them.
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JAMES MOGUL: Bow To the One You Serve! photoThe mild-mannered Mogul masters a new, incredibly sexy girl every single week on the website, which induces a willing young woman into a solid four days of slave training. Some girls crack under his whip. Others experience a transformative experience. Either way, it makes for great drama - and gushing, hollering orgasms. We spoke with Mogul last summer at the Mission District offices of in San Francisco, and he told us a little bit about what makes him tick ... and why porn starlets can benefit from his sessions.
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January 16, 2008

PETER ACWORTH: The Kink Kronikles photoOnce a budding mathematician, Brit expatriate Peter Acworth began to indulge his fascination with the BDSM subculture while a student at Columbia. He began putting images of dominance and submission up on the then-fledgling (mid-1990s) Internet, and was amazed at the response. Now, he runs the multi-million dollar web empire, a network of edgy (but explicitly consensual) sites devoted to every variation of bondage behavior, including,, and, as well as the latest venture, We met up with Acworth at the offices, in a nondescript building in San Francisco's Mission District. Mild-mannered and highly articulate, he talked about the future of SM-themed websites, bringing kink to the suburban masses, and the controversial purchase of the historic (and long-neglected) San Francisco Armory, which is now being used as a marvelously Gothic set for various shoots.

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SYD BLACK: Diary of a Sadist

device bondage webmaster Syd Black knew he was different than other boys one day when, as a child, he suddenly decided to lock the little girl who was his playmate inside an old trunk. And then he sat on it. Decades later, it's his job. Every week at, Black tests the limits of his willing (if occasionally freaked-out) models. He tells us all about his obsessions in a chat at the offices in San Francisco.
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December 31, 2007

EMMA CUMMINGS: Cumming Soon!

Emma Cummings photoAdult newcomer talks to us on the set of a recent shoot, fills us in on her XXX ambitions, and catches her breath after a blistering 4-on-1 scene.
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November 29, 2007

JUAN CUBA: Cuba, Libre!

Juan Cuba photoDuring a recent return jaunt to the City of Angels, we talked with director on the set of the studio's latest edition of its Gang Bang series, which features . Cuba tells us why sometimes, a cigar is not a cigar ... and why he considers himself more a behind-the-camera presence than a spooge-dealing cocksman. And Annette gets in a few words, too.
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November 20, 2007


We here at Porn Star Podcasts couldn't pass up the chance to canoodle with the amazing Annette Schwarz once again. We met the Teutonic Tornado at her recent gang bang (as opposed to all previous gang bangs), and then rolled back with her for a post-game conversation where Annette talked about her new feature - a signature title that also marks the return of director . It's an intimate chat about all things Annette that her fans are sure to lap up like gravy.
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Annette's Website
Annette Schwarz's ADT Profile

October 31, 2007

CLAUDIA DOWNS: Down the Hatch!

Claudia Downs photoAdult film newcomer is a voraciously sexual young woman from small-town Kentucky who tells us all about her wide variety of carnal experiences that happened before she discovered the porn industry. We chatted with Claudia on the set of a forthcoming scene.
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October 24, 2007

TRICIA DEVEREAUX: Fashionably "Evil"

Tricia Devereaux photoWe here at the Weekly Fix are not sure how to begin talking about , but for this week's Porn Star Podcast we decided to focus on her role as a guiding force at , the industry powerhouse founded by her husband, . So, of course, conversation turned immediately to the new , the final installment in the Fashionistas trilogy. We also touched on other high-profile EA releases, and let outline the joys and challenges of producing top-notch, hard-edged erotica in the age of digital.
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October 10, 2007

VAN DAMAGE: Damage Control

Van Damage photoVeteran male performer cracks wise with us after a sweat-drenched 4-on-1 scene with for Damage doesn't hold back from sharing some opinions, and even turns the tables on your humble podcaster. Check it out and decide for yourself if he's "the funniest man in porn."

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September 5, 2007

JUSTINE JOLI: The Naked Nerd!

Justine Joli photoGlamor babe is just a nerd at heart. True, she has enjoyed a stellar career as an erotic performer - working with the king of classy, dickless smut, Andrew Blake, and all kinds of photographers both in and out of the skin game - and fan favorite. But, really, you have no clue how completely wacky she is until the long, lean redhead sits down, lights up a smoke and starts talking. This month's Penthouse Pet gives us the lowdown on her time on-camera, teases us with her secret knowledge about the mysterious series Lost, waxes philosophical on Amazonian psychotropics, and fields a phone call from director/partner . Live from the set of Boundaries series, for which Justine did a smoking scene with .

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August 8, 2007

VENUS: Back in Orbit

Venus photoYes, still loves penis, but she chats with us on the set of "Boundaries" series, after a sizzling scene with . The longtime adult performer talks about her return to the biz after a significant break - and a break-up - and tells us what it was like working with Rocco Siffredi in that crazy intense scene from (answer: Venus!). The lusty, busty star is one hot mama, that's for sure ... and a very candid conversationalist.

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July 31, 2007

KIMBERLY KANE: Naked and Famou$

Kimberly Kane photoShe's so friggin' alt she doesn't even have a tattoo. Spirited and unconventional porn performer has been the star of some of the most artistically out-there skin flicks of the past few years, working with director Jack the Zipper and making the most of her roots as a wild teenager growing up in Portland, Oregon (the friendly bohemian port of call). A straight talker, Kane freely discusses her ride through Porno Land, the myriad varieties of strip clubs in Portland, what "alternative" really means, and how hot it was to lez out with Roxy DeVille on the set of an upcoming edition of smoking girls-only line . She also cracks up about the time a lustful cop broke into her agent's apartment to impress her, and what she gave him in return. (It's not as pretty as you're thinking ... ).

Also check out and Kimberly's blog.
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July 24, 2007

SINNAMON LOVE: Sinnamon Girl

Sinnamon Love photoOne of the most personable porn stars we've met here at Porn Star Podcasts, has been making dirty movies for 13 years - yet, she only recently returned to the gonzo fray, having spent six years as a condom-only performer, a period that also saw her cultivate a new image as a serious BDSM diva. She's also a qualified massage therapist who has toured with a major pop star. She's no "gold digger" though, just a Detroit homegirl through and through. Sinnamon met us at a Starbucks in downtown Los Angeles, where she told us how she "gets her white boy on" and reveals one of the many ways she keeps her civilian boyfriend very, very happy.
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June 28, 2007

ELI CROSS: Down for the "Upload"

Eli Cross photo director – aka – chats with us on the set of his upcoming feature Upload out in the rugged, windy expanse of the Vasquez Rocks north of Los Angeles, where many Westerns and one notable Star Trek episode ("Arena") were filmed. Today, stars , and will be banging each other – among other lascivious acts you can't see on TV – as crows circle the merciless California sky. Cross, real-life partner of porn legend , talks about the cyberpunk theme of the production (which stars and as near-futuristic rivals), and how he manages to include supposedly verboten acts in his movies.

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June 26, 2007

BOB COULTER: "Crazy Babe" Magnet

Bob Coulter photoOnce a major player in the music industry, the New York-based Coulter has become a much-admired erotic photographer -- he was "alt before alt was cool" -- with his collections featuring so-called "crazy babes." Check out his website,, and hear him talk about his scintillating mid-life career change. Coulter chats with us on the set of the Adam and Eve production, Stagger Lee, which also marks his debut as a porno video guy.

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June 25, 2007

BENNY PROFANE: The Gaping of Lot 49

Benny Profange photoAlt-porn provocateur tells us about his dual obsessions with shooting smut and the fiction of Thomas Pynchon (whose novel "V." inspired the actor-director's name). Profane chats on the set of forthcoming feature Stagger Lee.

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June 19, 2007

PATRICK COLLINS: A Pervert Among Perverts

Patrick Collins photoAdult legend , the cigar-smoking big daddy behind , talks about his long and storied career as a pornographer, his women, his lusts, his twisted fantasies, and how he's brought it all to your TV screen at home. Joining us in Collins's Chatsworth offices - you've seen them in a million Elegant scenes - is his trusted cinematographer and right-hand man, Michael Cates, and ADT's own JAGnLA, with guest cameos from and !

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June 10, 2007

RON ROYSTER: Transgressive Tarheel!

Ron Royster photoNorth Carolina porn producer talks about his unusual career on the "alt" scene as we visit the set of feature Stagger Lee.

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June 7, 2007

PAGE MORGAN: Jersey Girl

Page Morgan photoThe always-fun shares a brief moment with us on the set of Adam and Eve's Stagger Lee. Before she gets dragged away to the make-up chair, she tells us about her wild Jersey adolescence -- bad men and biker bars! -- and shows why she's one of the most unique and notorious performers going.

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June 5, 2007

ALYSSA JORDAN: Geek Gone Wild!

Alyssa Jordan photoWelcome to Porn Star Podcast #100!

Former computer programmer joined us for beer and pizza after only her third scene in the porn game. She had just wrapped a blowbang party with and a lot of men, and met up with a merry crew that includes , , , the unstoppable Miss Schwarz, and your humble interlocutor. As events spiraled rapidly out of hand, we hoped to finish the interview before we got ejected from the family establishment. Enjoy this "post-game" scenario!
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June 1, 2007

MARK SPIEGLER: Patron of the Tarts

Mark Spiegler photoIt's almost inconceivable, but we finally got super-agent to turn off his cel phone for a half-hour and chat with us about his long and storied career in the adult movie business. And so he did, lounging shirtless in sweat pants on the wraparound couch in his living room. A man with a natural gift for spiel, he tells us why they call him "The Shylock," dispenses a few bad jokes, and reveals what goes on behind the scenes at the notorious SpieglerDorm, through whose portals have passed some of the world's sexiest women. One of then, Annette Schwarz, provides off-mic commentary.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 40 minutes, 11MB)

May 30, 2007

KYLE STONE: "From a Skill to a Pill"

Kyle Stone photoLongtime male performer has a lot on his mind when it comes to the direction the porn industry has taken. The arrival of Viagra and other arousal-enhancement drugs has changed the game, and Stone tells us why he doesn't like it and why he's called the book he's writing "From a Skill to a Pill." Stone chats with us before a shoot for during a recent afternoon in the hills of the San Fernando Valley.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 19.5 minutes, 5.4MB)

May 28, 2007

JACK NAPIER: You Don't Know Jack

Jack Napier photoAt least until you listen to this podcast. The tells the funny, strange, yet true saga of how he got into the business, and how he finally discovered he was different from other guys. He's also a jokester, as we discovered during a lunchtime interview at the Chatsworth Lamplighter. We're joined by ADT's own , who spent a lot of time ogling starlet Jenaveve Jolie, who was sitting nearby.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 39.5 minutes, 10.8MB)

May 23, 2007


Keeani Lei photoSpirited performer talks about her other life as a skateboard demon and surfer girl just moments before director discovers the answer to the question, So You Think You Can Squirt? Keeani, usually cast in Asian-themed titles, also clues us in on the rest of her hertage: She's also Panamanian.

Listen to the interview (mp3, 17.5 minutes, 4.9MB)

May 18, 2007

PRINCESS DONNA: Shocking Pink!

Princess Donna superstar Princess Donna talks to us about her career as a top Internet dominatrix and as the electrifying mistress who keeps the juice pumping from all the pretty little sockets at She also tells us about some recent forays into the gonzo mainstream, and tattles about a few of her favorite co-stars, including one young submissive who just can't get enough of the electric cattle prod! Oooo-weee!

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May 12, 2007


Sean Michaels photoTop male performer takes a few minutes to chat with us, before a slow-burn with , on the set of a shoot for He talks about his long career, and his struggles as an African-American making his way to major success in adult entertainment. Always smooth, Michaels shows us why he's a class act.

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April 22, 2007


Mope Squad photoSome call them "mopes", but the male performers who do some of the dirtiest work in porn -- the blow-bangs, the pile-ups, the spuzz-athons - are more than meatsticks with a cel phone. They have stories. And some of them don't like being called mopes. Indeed, with their range of racial and social backgrounds, rallied together for a common good, they are a metaphor for democracy. We chat with the wrecking crew on the set of a shoot for, and are joined by honorary mope .

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April 17, 2007

KATARINA KAT: More Booty, Less Borat

Katarina Kat photoKazakhstan's gift to porno, is, indeed, as limber as her feline namesake, a childhood circus performer whose astonishing flexibility causes jaws to drop and cocks to rise on many a video shoot. The bubbly and outgoing blonde talks to us about her jump from the flying trapeze to a different kind of high-wire act: dirty movies! At the end of the day, the two lifestyles are not so different, except in porn you can stay in one place for awhile! We also talk about her homeland, and one certain British comic she'd like to knock the daylights out of!

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December 20, 2006

RICKY D: Tenacious D

at the age of 21, the helmsman talks about his precocious entry into the business as a teenage web-designer, why he likes shooting intimate one-on-one sex, and why he'll never shoot circus acts.

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December 13, 2006

DEREK HAY: Live and Direct

Derek HayThe founder of LA Direct Models, the porn industry's largest supplier of talent, talks about how he built the powerhouse and why his staff is wearing pajamas. The Londoner, who also doubles as male performer , also discusses the negative vibes he gets from some corners of the industry, and his reputation as a tough guy.

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LUSCIOUS LOPEZ: Latin Locomotin' Mama

Luscious LopezOne of the most independently-minded performers in porn, talks about her career, her bountiful physical assets, and developing her own web content while waiting for a shoot to begin, by her poolside in the San Fernando Valley.

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December 6, 2006

JAKE MALONE: "F*ck Slave" Driver

Jake MaloneNew Evil Angel director takes us into his editing suite where he's busy at work on his upcoming release Nice Fucking View. He talks about his love for girls like and , the challenges of shooting the porn he wants to see - and not scaring off retailers - and his former life as a rock musician.

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STORY TIME WITH TIM VON SWINE: The Rise and Fall of the Mopes

Tim von SwineLike the Roman Empire and the reign of the New York Yankees, the heyday of the D-list male porn performer came and went as if in the twinkling of an eye. and freelance shooter Tim Von Swine tells the sad saga of the blowbang gang that couldn't shoot straight.

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November 28, 2006

LIV WYLDER: Memphis in the Meantime

Liv WylderThe Southern sweetheart is no overnight sensation. She was the star of her own homegrown Internet site for a few years before coming to Porn Valley. talks with us about her adventures in the skin trade and what she loves about being a porn star.

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KACI STARR: Starr Power

Kaci StarrYoung starlet chats with us over drinks at one of Porn Valley's best-loved watering holes, and reveals her ambitions for making the industry more female-friendly.

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November 22, 2006

MICHAEL STEFANO: Big Man on Campus

Michael StefanoThe AVN's 2005 Male talks candidly about the current porno glut, his new gonzo venture , and the best way for a man to impress a woman.

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MARK ASHLEY: Stealth Stud

Mark AshleyOne of porn's leading male performers, is not one of those party animals who make the scene on the adult industry's VIP circuit. He's a quiet, soft-spoken guy who's way too busy having sex with beautiful young women every day. He talks to us before shooting a scene for Super Naturals.

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GiannaThe muscled and motorcycle-loving reflects on his first year in the adult business - he's nominated this year as one of the AVN's best newcomers - and his relationship with fellow performer .

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November 15, 2006

GIANNA: Goodness Gracious

GiannaWe visit , the tall buxom performer, who informs us her notorious DD boobs are still growing, fills us in on her matter-of-fact entry into the porn business, and dispels any notions that she's a meanie, even though she sometimes plays up her dominant side on screen.

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HARMONY: Florida Sunshine

HarmonyWe visit on the set of a new girl-girl video directed by ,
where the Florida native talks about her career and tells us what's fun about fetish.

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NATASHA NICE: Fresh and Hot

Natasha NiceBrand new arrival Natasha Nice already has her fans drooling. The 18-year-old brunette with the big smile and abundant boobies talks about her brief experience as a performer and shows off her bunny outfit on the set of Bryan Xin's for .

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November 7, 2006


Ariel XAnother veteran of the San Francisco bondage/fetish scene making a foray into Porn Valley, talks about her adventures in the SM subculture as well as her career in sex videos made by lesbians for lesbians. She spoke with us recently before a girl-girl scene with her friend, Satine Phoenix, on the set of Bryan Xin's for .

Ariel's Web Site
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SATINE PHOENIX: The Sweetest Kittens Have the Sharpest Claws

Satine PhoenixAn adventurous entertainer known for modeling extreme latex garb and various bondage scenarios, talks about her brief run as a mainstream porn performer, and why she's going back to girl-girl and S&M-style shoots. She also fills us in on her real-life, 24/7, occupation as a passionate slave.

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Roxy DeVille
tells the story of the strangest strip-club patron ever.

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October 10, 2006

DANA DeARMOND: The Internet's Girlfriend

Dana DeArmondCatapulted into the world of adult entertainment after she lost her gig at Disneyworld, (her real name) traded in her Goofy garb for her birthday suit and became a stripper. A scant few years later, the blog-o-rific performer is the queen of her own Internet empire, with nearly a quarter-million friends on MySpace and a budding career as "the Parker Posey of Alt-Porn." At once shy and charismatic, Miss DeArmond - not unlike Bettie Page before her - brings a rare sense of innocence and good vibes to such matters as bondage, butt-sex and - eek-a-mouse! - even both at once! Hear her rowrrrr!

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MARIE LUV: Absolutely Sweet Marie

Marie Luv tells us how it is for a black woman trying to make it to the top in the porn biz: not easy. But after three years, this lean and vibrant dynamo has established herself as one of the most exciting performers in adult movies, with personality to burn and a sex drive that won't quit. She talks about her sometimes rocky experiences, why it's tough to keep a boyfriend, and shares some strong opinions about certain personalities (dish alert!). She also reveals intriguing plans for her new website - and her special early morning "regimen."

Marie's website:

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TRISTAN TAORMINO: It's All About "Chemistry"

Tristan TaorminoVillage Voice sex columnist, anal sex authority, and now pornographer, Tristan Taormino has spent much of her professional life exploring the fronteirs of human sexual behavior. With her new series Chemistry for Vivid, she shows us what makes porn stars tick. The performers in her new DVD (including Dana and Marie) let it all hang out, no holes barred, for 36 hours - without scripts, without rules - and open up for group encounter sessions that reveal a little of their inner lives. Taormino talks about the experience, and offers her thoughts about the pros and cons of the porn industry.

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October 3, 2006

ADRIANNA NICOLE: Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down!

Adrianna NicoleCurvalicious blonde Adrianna Nicole gave up her day job for life as a bondage model a few years ago, becoming a star on the San Francisco-based Cybernet family of websites, as well as the controversial (and since defunct) where barbecues don't mean hot dogs and potato salad! Now one of the most intense and passionate performers in the business, Adrianna chats about her move into hardcore, her friendship with Lorelei Lee, and why she refuses to live in Porn Valley. And, oh yes, what she loves about rough sex.

Adrianna's MySpace
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LORELEI LEE: Blonde on Blonde

Lorelei LeeThough she's new to the world of hardcore porn, this vibrant San Francisco native is legendary to fans of bondage and S&M-themed websites, such as Sex and Submission and its related sites. Lorelei talks about her journey from art school to practicing the art of submission, her friendship with fellow bondage model (and Spiegler Girl), Adrianna Nicole, finding time for Faulkner, and that pending scene keep your fingers crossed with Adrianna and German sensation Annette Schwarz. Blonde on blonde on blonde!

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September 27, 2006

JEWEL DE'NYLE: Lick Between the Lines

Jewel DeNyleHere's a woman who says what she means, and means what she says. The one, the only, Jewel and even though she's taken a step behind the camera, she pulls no punches. Even with porn's most dominant male star, Rocco Siffredi. Never say never? She almost made him eat his ... words. Relaxing with some coffee before a stroll on her private beach in Long Island, the adult superstar shared what she loves and hates about the business, and reveals how she's enjoyed such a long ride in a rocky industry.

Movies starring Jewel
Movies directed by Jewel De'Nyle

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Jewel De'Nyle Photo Gallery

September 20, 2006

POPPY MORGAN: A Tasty Crumpet

Poppy MorganThe UK star and notorious FOB (Friend of Bono-ONE), talks to us about her return to Porn Valley, her pornographic roots on the British scene and what she likes about Southern California. She declines, however, to reveal the secret behind her nickname, bandied about on ADT from time to time, "Poopy." Some truths even Porn Star Podcasts can not uncover!

Poppy's movies
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Poppy Morgan Photo Galleries: Mr Biggz - JizzBomb - ButtDivers

September 13, 2006

NIKKI BENZ: Pedal to the Metal

Nikki BenzOnce a contract girl for Jill Kelly and Tera Patrick's companies, the enterprising Canadian bombshell is stepping out on her own as a freelance gonzo star. Whether you've seen her in feature fare such as Test Drive or roughing up Jules Jordan in fetish-themed gonzos like Take No Prisoners, her blonde ambition makes an impact.
Nikki talks about some of her upcoming adventures, and her ongoing love of dancing and the club tours that are a very active part of her erotic career.

Nikki's movies
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September 12, 2006

WILLIAM H. NUTSACK: Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here

William H.The sultan of squirt. The carnal tourguide who's always taking a dirtpipe detour. The mad poet of bugged-out desire. That's Willliam H!
He talks about his humble origins in the nether regions of Elegant Angel's porn empire, and his irresistible rise to power as one of the industry's most original (and demented) minds. With special guest appearance by super-soaker Tiana Lynn!

Nutsack's movies
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September 6, 2006

BRYAN XIN: Xin and the Art of Pornographic Maintenance

Bryan XinTits and ass, baby! That's what makes Bryan Xin's world go 'round and few skin lensers do a more stylish job of celebrating the natural beauty of bodacious babes as the Japanese director, currently shooting for Vivid. Xin talks about his backgrond as a prolific porn graphic designer he invented the Red Light District logo for all of $50 and his obsessive interest in cult cinema.

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August 29, 2006


Nina HartleyThis week on Porn Star Podcasts, Nina Hartley talks about her new production, O: The Power of Submission , her upcoming book, Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex, and her remarkably long career as a porn star, sex educator and pro-sex feminist.

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August 27, 2006

IVAN: Going to Extremes

I Am IvanHow does a small Russian boy grow up to direct for the most controversial company in porn? Extreme Associates mainstay Ivan gives us the scoop on his unikely career path from indie filmmaking to The Texas Asshole Massacre and his new spoof, The Sex Sense. And, though Ivan doesn't fuck dead people, he certainly gets spooked by them: His Hollywood pad is haunted!

Ivan's Website
Ivan's LiveJournal
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August 22, 2006

KEVIN MOORE: The Devil's Right Hand

Kevin MooreOnce upon a time, he was a fan like all the rest of us. Now, he's a promising gonzo director with his own lines Stick It in My Face!, Obedience School and others distributed through Pulse Pictures. Moore tells us how he worked his way up from being a porn scene photographer to assisting two of the greatest actors and directors in the business: Joey Silvera and John Leslie. Candid and direct, Moore offers a glimpse behind the gonzo curtain.

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August 20, 2006

LEXI LOVE: Love Story

Lexi LoveThe lissome sex star chats with us on the way to a private beach, and sorts out the unpredictable path that took her from a stint in the San Francisco fetish world to the sunny porno mansions of the San Fernando Valley

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Lexi Love Photo Galleries: Lexi Love and Myah Monroe - Lexi Love and Kylee King

August 15, 2006

PENNY FLAME: Up in Smoke

Penny FlameThe sassy "Shane's World" director and unabashed advocate for herbal enlightenment talks about her five-year career in the skin trade, what she loves and hates about porn, and why her heart is always in San Francisco her hometown.

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Penny Flame Photo Galleries: Penny Flame at Heavy Handfuls - Penny Flame at POV Fantasy - Penny Flame at Papa Loads - Penny Flame with Karina Kay

MIA ROSE: Horny, Not Thorny

Mia RoseHalf of the adult film industry's hottest sister act, Mia Rose tells us all about her gateway experience into the world of porn: It all began with a church youth group trip to San Francisco! Say what? She also reveals what's different about her and sibling Ava and how she gets her geek on (hint: WarCraft).
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Mia Rose Photo Galleries: Mia Rose Softcore - Mia Rose Hardcore

August 8, 2006

HOLLY RANDALL: Growing Up Randall

Holly RandallOne of the top photographers of beautiful naked women, Holly Randall was, literally, "born for porn": Her mother is the celebrated skin lenser Suze Randall. At once light-hearted and no-nonsense, Holly talks about growing up way too fast in Los Angeles, what she loves and hates about the business, her sometimes testy relationship with Mom, and how a male flasher unwittingly empowered her as a small child.

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TIM VON SWINE: Pork Vending for Fun and Profit

Sir Timothy von SwineADT regular and current Shane's World director Tim Von Swine reveals how he survived the lethally mean streets of Venice Beach to become an award-winning gonzo pornographer and "pig-sauce" raconteur. Live, amid oceans of Danish beer, from the Pickwick Pub somewhere in Porn Valley.
Special guest appearance by JAG in LA

Movies directed by Tim
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August 2, 2006

SASHA GREY: Sasha's Grey's Anatomy

Sasha GreyNothing like starting at the top. Eighteen-year-old Sasha Grey had barely stuck a toe into the business when she found herself booked for Fashionistas 2 - and her first scene was with Rocco Siffredi. Mature beyond her years, and already generating a unique buzz with only a handful of movies out, the slim brunette speaks softly but loves the provocative. She discusses everything from her love of rough sex to her eclectic cultural interests, while fending off the advances of Jonni Darkko's cat before a shoot at a downtown Los Angeles loft. "I was so nervous � nervous, yet confident," she says of her initiation into the porn scene, a literal big bang that found her in a full-scale orgy for John Stagliano's cameras. "All the thoughts come back. Should I? Should I not? But I was ready. It was the only time I didn't really think about what was going on. I was getting manhandled, and it felt so good."

Sasha's movies
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BRIAN SUREWOOD: A Pirate Looks at 40 (something)

Brian SurewoodArrrrrr! No parrots at Brian Surewood's pad just what looks like hundreds of esoteric blades, bashers and other weapons of ancient combat. The hirsute porn star turns out to be a peace-loving soul, an advocate of medical marijuana, and one-man history of the adult industry, which he has seemingly been around since birth. After serving us milk and doughnuts, he talks about his life, with interjections from longtime buddy, director David Aaron Clark.

Brian's movies
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Total running time is 44 minutes. Files are quite large.

July 25, 2006

ROXY DEVILLE: No Clown-Dodging Allowed!

Roxy DeVille interviewThe irrepressible, unsinkable, thoroughly outrageous Roxy DeVille talks about her adolescence as a Catholic schoolgirl gothic prom queen, her intense infatuation with clowns, and why she wants to look like Jessica Rabbit when she grows up live from the set of Bryan Xin's Rough Draft.

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Roxy DeVille Photo Galleries: Roxy DeVille Softcore - Roxy DeVille Hardcore

SAVANNA SAMSON: Naked Came the Vintner

Savanna Samson interviewThe Vivid contract star has turned a lot of heads since she made her surprising debut in Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris. The onetime Scores dancer and eternal Howard Stern favorite took time to chat with us on the set of Bryan Xin's future Vivid release Colors, where she talked about her unusual entry into "the biz," her new and well-reviewed wine, her regular life as a 38-year-old mom, and her plans to break into mainstream TV.

Savanna's movies
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July 24, 2006

FAITH LEON: Love, Porn Valley Style

Faith Leon interviewLeggy and lovely, this downhome North Carolina gal has been in and out of the business the past two years, playing both to glamor doll fantasies and tomboyish temptations. She spoke with us recently on the set of Bryan Xin's Colors (moments before a smoking scene with Savanna Samson), and reveals the amazing true story of how she met her fiance, male star Marcus Leon, in a Santa Monica bookstore. What's amazing about that? Neither of them knew the other was in porno until they'd been out on a couple of dates!

Faith's movies
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Manuel Ferrara interviewLive from the set of Bryan Xin's Colors, AVN's male performer of the year talks about his lifelong fascination with women, his directing deal at Evil Angel where he aims to shoot some quirky scenarios, like those in his EA debut, Evilution and the passion for sex he likes to bring to his scenes.

Manuel's movies
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CHRISTIAN: Marathon Man

Christian interviewLeading male star Christian, well-known for his muscular build and "Mr. Clean" look, talks to us about his busy life as a performer, his love of MILF-y '90s porn babes and big fake boobies, his epic athletic adventures and his controversial (for some) performances in gay and transsexual titles. (And for those taking notes, he also divulges a secret formula for optimizing male ejaculate.) Live from the set of Bryan Xin's Rough Draft.

Christian's movies
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TIA TANAKA: Eastern Star

Tia Tanaka interviewThe petite 19-year-old performer talks about the long and winding road that brought her to California she was born in Indonesia, of French and Vietnamese heritage and her love of Japanese horror films, among other things, on the set of Bryan Xin's upcomming Vivid release Rough Draft.

Tia's movies
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Tia Tanaka Photo Galleries: Tia at Papa Loads - Tia Tanaka Softcore - Tia Tanaka Hardcore - Tia at POV Fantasy

June 14, 2006

VAN STYLES: Good Vibes

Van Styles interviewOK, so he's not a porn star, but the 25-year-old director has put his original stamp on several rumpadelic lines, including Ass Appeal, Barely Legal: Corrupted and Take It Black. We chat with the former skateboard champ about growing up in the porn capital of America -- Chatsworth, Ca. -- the joys of shooting gonzo as a one-man operation, and why it's important to vibe with talent. Listen to the interview.

Van Styles Movies

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May 23, 2006

TARYN THOMAS: Tearin' It Up!

Taryn Thomas interviewThe Arizona fireball and ADT favorite chats us up about her boundless career ambitions, her ongoing escapades as a feature dancer, why she loves her fans so much and her recent experiences shooting a new flick for Vivid director Tristan Taormino on a getaway set where "there was LOTS of ass-fucking, both male and female!" Giggle. Hey! Be careful! Ooh! Ah! Ahhhhhhh.
Taryn Thomas DVDs
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Vote for Taryn in the Fans of Adult Media Entertainment Awards.

May 9, 2006

ANGELA STONE: Squirt-a-licious!

Angela Stone interviewSexy squirting starlet Angela Stone talks about her uniquely lubricious skills as a performer, but also lets us in on her private passion for penning S&M erotica and her love for serious hard rock and underground hip-hop. It's a long, long way from Iowa for the former stripper, but she's loving every minute of it.
Angela Stone DVDs
Angela's MySpace
Angela Stone Photo Gallery
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May 2, 2006

GEORGIA PEACH: Ass-tastic!

Georgia Peach interviewWhat's it like to own one of the best backsides in porn? The enthusiastic starlet clues us in, and explains why she calls herself "Georgia" even though she's from Tampa F-L-A. (Hmmm, maybe because "Florida Sunshine" is a tad dopey?) A fan of horror films and Arby's roast beef sandwiches, Georgia will one day return to get certified as an electrician, but she already knows a lot about "internal wiring," if you catch our drift. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. We'll say no more.
Georgia's MySpace
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Georgia Peach Photo Gallery

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April 22, 2006

CHARLOTTE STOKELY: The Girl Next Door to the Girl Next Door

Charlotte Stokely interviewThe 19-year-old starlet, whose milk-pale skin might belong to a Gothic heroine (if Gothic heroines wore red Converse sneakers), reveals that despite her barely legal and extra creamy schoolgirl image she's not that innocent. Besides her love of Jack Daniel's, older men and rough sex, she agrees with Woody Allen that bisexuality doubles your chances of getting laid on a Saturday night.
Charlotte Stokely DVDs
Charlotte's MySpace

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April 16, 2006

KAIYA LYNN: Pervasive. Persuavsive. PervAsian.

Kaiya Lynn interviewThe 4-foot-11 star of Bryan Xin's PervAsian and Short and Sleazy, among many other sexual adventures, talks about her experiences as a porn star who enjoys a completely separate life off-camera. Whether it's good (anytime she's booked with Mark Ashley) bad (starring in movies with dumb Asian cliches in the titles) or ugly (losing a hand at Texas Hold 'Em), Kaiya tells all!

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Kaiya Lynn Photo Galleries: Kaiya Lynn Softcore - Kaiya Lynn Hardcore

January 17, 2006

KATJA KASSIN: Well-Rounded

katja kassin interviewKatja Kassin talks about the virtues of owning the best ass in porn, being a regular gal offscreen and why the concept of "shot out" is for chumps, live from the floor of the 2006 Adult Entertainment Expo.

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Katja Kassin's Movies

Katja Kassin Photo Galleries: Katja at Global Pornstars - Katja at New Sensations - Katja Kassin Anal

January 16, 2006

HILLARY SCOTT: Anal Princess Podcast!

hillary scott interviewHillary Scott talks about her life as a sexually omniverous porn starlet, her title role in Elegant Angel's Anal Princess Diaries, growing up in the Windy City, and getting blown away in Amsterdam's notorious "cafes," live from the floor of the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas!

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Hillary Scott's Movies

Hillary Scott Photo Galleries: Hillary Scott Softcore - Hillary Scott Hardcore with Biggz